The Walden Methodology 

In a world where the "one-size-fits-all" mentality reigns over education, students' personal needs are often overlooked. Walden addresses that problem with small class size, an open atmosphere, and personalized learning. Walden Community School began in response to Dr. Mikulka's search for an education for her own children. Her search yielded multiple theories, each with its own merit; however, none of the available options satisfied her desire to find a school focused on developing the whole person.

At Walden, we foster independent thinking and build our curriculum for our students -- not a test. Excited, passionate teachers create excited students. Teachers and parents witness and encourage the process of discovery, abstract thought, and insight. The result is the evolution of highly competent individuals able to analyze, interpret, and communicate their ideas confidently and effectively. Walden also has high academic standards and provides all students with an environment and the educational support to achieve success and accomplish their individual goals.

Walden offers a unique educational program that focuses on the development of each student's artistic, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. Seminar-style classes, project-based learning, higher-ordered thinking and in-depth exploration of major concepts and ideas are a few key elements of our program. Walden students are ambitious, take pride in their work, take responsibility for their actions, and are required to produce original work and ideas. Walden students are invested in their own education.


At Walden, it is easy to see academics are only the beginning of our commitment to educating our students. Our focus on building the whole person requires separate planning, care, and methodologies to accommodate the emotional, social, and physical needs of our students. Our commitment to building better individuals and better students is uncompromising and the reason a Walden student is a student destined to achieve both professionally and personally. The basic guiding principal of Walden Community School is simple; every student can, and wants to, learn in an environment that respects and fosters both the individual and the community.


The Walden Methodology is a research-based best practice.

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