About Walden Community School

Walden Community School is a non-profit, non-sectarian, private, independent school established in 2001. When policy is set or reviewed, "What is best for the student?" is always our primary focus. Walden is accredited by Advanced Education Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Walden is also a designated Project Learning Tree (PLT) Educational Center and is committed to instilling within students responsible action on behalf of the environment. 

Walden offers both part-time and full-time programs for students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.

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In addition to our full-time program, we are now offering part-time homeschool options that include a 2-day program (8:30-11:30am, Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thurs with additional hours that can be added on at a pro-rated cost), 4-day program (8:30-11:30am, Mon-Thurs), and a Fine Arts Friday (8:30-1:30) program.

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PART-TIME HOMESCHOOL PROGRAMS: Walden Community School: Part-Time Flex Programs for Homeschoolers!

KINDERGARTEN: 2019-2020:. Mon-Thurs, 9am-2pm, with Optional Fridays. Enroll early as spaces are limited!

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Our Graduates

Did you know that Walden's High School graduates have been accepted to Undergraduate & Graduate Programs at New College, Smith, Rollins, Stetson, Elon, McGill, FAU, William & Mary, Wake Forest, the University of Maine, the University of Richmond and Vanderbilt University? Needless to say, we are proud that our Walden alum can compete with the best and achieve their highest academic goals!

Our ultimate goal is accomplished when our students invest in and take ownership of their education and their futures.


At Walden Community School

Students Are Empowered, Independent Thinkers

We build our curriculum for our students -- not for a test. Each child’s unique style and personality become part of their learning process, and our classes allow students to explore and master how to learn and think originally, while trusting their intuition. Teachers and parents witness and encourage the process of discovery, abstract thinking, and insight as our students become empowered, independent thinkers. The result is the evolution of highly competent individuals able to analyze, interpret, and communicate their ideas confidently and effectively.


Students Are Invested and Engaged

Walden offers a flexible and unique educational program that focuses on the development of each student's artistic, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth, building upon children’s intrinsic desire to know about the world.  Led by excited, passionate teachers, who utilize hands-on activities and big-picture thinking, Walden students are motivated and eager learners, who take pride in their work and who take responsibility for their actions. Walden's high academic standards require students to produce original ideas and work to the best of their ability. 


Students Realize Academic & Personal Potential

Academics are only the beginning of Walden's commitment to educating its students. We understand that in order to reach their potential, our students must develop not only academically, but emotionally, physically, and socially as well.  Our whole-person focus requires individual planning, care, and methodologies to accommodate the varying needs of our students.  Because of this, our commitment to building better students -- and better individuals -- is uncompromising and is the reason our students achieve both professionally and personally. A Walden education enables individuals to realize their potential.  



In a world where academic performance holds such great value, Walden strives to ensure that each student reaches his or her greatest potential.  We understand that no two students are alike and that students learn very differently from one another. Our child-centered approach to teaching upholds that one size does not fit all. Because of this, our faculty effectively adapts the curriculum to create a motivating academic experience best suited to each of our student's personal strengths and interests, as well as developmental stage. The result: students at Walden are extremely engaged and receptive to learning -- and better able to achieve their academic potential. 

Social and Emotional 

Social and emotional growth are as important as academic success at Walden. We understand that a psychologically healthy environment enhances a student’s ability to absorb, understand, and retain information. Walden's small class sizes, emphasis on collaborative versus competitive learning, and test-free methodology create a safe, stress-free place for students to develop.  Students are encouraged to share their ideas, express their feelings, and be respectful of their classmates. Walden ensures that each student’s self-esteem improves along with his or her academics. 



Walden also understands how important physical activity and movement are for children. Students participate in physical education classes daily, where they learn a variety of developmentally appropriate sports, skills, exercises, and activities. This "Physical Literacy" not only enhances their personal fitness levels, but increases their ability to concentrate in class. Additionally, students are not confined to desks. Our hands-on approach to learning encourages movement throughout the day, allowing students to study and learn where they are most comfortable, be it at a table, on the floor, or outside on the patio. Outdoor science experiments, music, dance, art, and drama keep our students moving -- and engaged. 

When basic and emotional needs are met, students have a sense of belonging. Walden is a place where students are respected and have a voice.