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Revealing Personal and Academic Potential

Walden is building and nurturing great students. Our attentions are keenly focused on the broadest definition of education. Our purpose transcends intellectual pursuits and academic achievement. By our definition, in order to become the most competent and successful adults possible students need to develop emotionally, physically, academically, and socially.

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Our Mission:Educating the whole person is our commitment. Focusing on social, intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects of learning ensures each student reaches his or her highest potential, need for self-fulfillment and self-actualization. Our ultimate goal is accomplished when our students invest in and take ownership of their education and their futures.


Testimonial " As soon as I stepped into the Walden classroom, I knew I was in the presence of something remarkable. Students were totally engaged in the act of discovering, organizing, and communicating meaning. They were excited and thoughtful; they listened to and spoke to each other and to the teacher. And the teacher listened and spoke to them with total focus, respect, and good humor. She knew when to wait quietly for their ideas, when to gently reframe the question at hand. I felt vividly the joy in learning that permeated that classroom.

Since my first visit to Walden, I've learned that what struck me then as so remarkable is actually an everyday in fact, a constant experience: Students and teachers joyously, enthusiastically, collaboratively going about the business of learning and doing. I've since learned, too, about the philosophy behind this approach, especially its recognition of multiple intelligences and the value of active and integrated learning. It's the kind of education I wish every child in America had. That it's available to children in our community is a rare gift. "

Barbara Harrell Carson, PhD
Professor Emerita of English, Rollins College Current Community Advisory Board Member